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Next year’s stamps, all together

Don’t these look beautiful? They’ll be great to have — one sheet to keep, others to use — next summer*. *Assuming the Post Office still exists.


And here’s the kick-ass Willie Stargell stamp that will be part of next summer’s release. I love that they used both the yellow jersey and that intimidating stance (even if his face isn’t so intimidating as depicted).

Larry Doby gets a stamp!

This came out a week ago, but I’ve been quite busy and never got around to writing anything. And now that a hurricane is bearing down on us and I don’t know when I’ll have power and internet again after Sunday, I figured I don’t have the luxury of composing a more elaborate post. So

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He could throw that speedball by you

Photo is mine; funky effects with the help of Piknik Yesterday’s New York Times had a splendid article about the old friend — that “speedball” pitcher — who appears in the opening of Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days.” It’s exactly as it sounds — Bruce was walking into a bar — the Headliner in Neptune —

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The Gooden billboard!

I knew someone had to have a shot of it. That someone is a guy by the name of Matt Weber, and the photo was posted on a blog called peripherybaseball. Many thanks. This brings back a lot of memories.