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Bartolo Colon is so old …

Sometime during the first week of April, Bartolo Colon will begin his 20th season in the Major Leagues. Then, somewhere around his ninth or 10th start (based on his outings last year), he’ll turn 44 years old (his birthday is May 24). His first start, unless he’s one of Atlanta’s top three starters (unlikely), will

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Marte and Ventura, when they had their careers in front of them

I saw the Andy Marte news first. I was having a quiet Sunday morning, reading The New York Times and Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, my phone silent and face-down on a table next to me. When I picked it up, an MLB alert told me of Marte’s death in a car crash in the Dominican Republic.

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Raines’ road to Cooperstown passed through New Jersey

Tim Raines retired with 807 stolen bases, a .295 career batting average, 1,548 runs, 964 RBIs and 1,290 walks. He played for four teams over 21 seasons and left the game with a strong case for election to the Hall of Fame. If those numbers look a little off to you after two days of

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