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Going deep in three countries

  When Tom Brady threw his first touchdown pass against the Raiders today, CBS put up a graphic showing that he’s connected for a score in three countries: the United States, England and now Mexico. So it got me thinking: How many players have homered in three countries? Have any homered in four? As the

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Honus Wagner Day in Clifton, N.J.

  Last weekend, a 100-year-old piece of Clifton history had a moment. Clifton is my adopted hometown. Like Yogi Berra, I’ve settled in northern New Jersey, not too far from New York City. (That Berra came from St. Louis and I came from the Jersey Shore — and he was a bit better at baseball

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Mixing and matching Opening Day/Week/Series logos

  Some years ago, I searched and tracked each team’s selection for the season-opening logos they decided to paint onto the field for the first games of the season. MLB provides three choices, and it seems the teams decide which one to go with: Opening Day, Opening Series or Opening Week. There doesn’t seem to

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