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Rickey knows hot dogs

On April 25, 2000, I went to Shea Stadium with a group of friends to see Ken Griffey Jr.‘s first game there with the Reds. This was after he demanded trade out of Seattle but blocked a deal that would’ve sent him to the Mets, so you can imagine how he was received by the

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A few words on Scott Sanderson

Upon hearing of the death of Scott Sanderson, I thought of this photo I took in June 1991 at Fenway Park. He went six innings, allowing one run to get the win (5-1, Yankees). About a week later, he was named to his only All-Star team. It was my first game at Fenway. The seats

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Going deep in three countries

When Tom Brady threw his first touchdown pass against the Raiders in a game in November 2017, CBS put up a graphic showing that he’s connected for a score in three countries: the United States, England and Mexico, where Oakland and New England were playing. That prompted this research.

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