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Bo knows air

  Bo Jackson is 54 years old today. Fifty-four! That doesn’t seem right, but Time doesn’t care. It means his peak was half a lifetime ago: He played the 1990 season — his last full baseball season — at 27 years old. In January 1991, he sustained that injury to his left hip and was

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From the Upper Deck to the Hall of Fame

On the eve of Ken Griffey Jr.’s election to the Hall of Fame — that’s right, I’m not even hedging — a friend on Facebook posted an image of this card and called it “arguably the most iconic baseball photograph taken in the past 25 years.” After I pointed out in jest that it would

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Going back in time for a ball game

A couple weeks ago, we traversed the Passaic in the morn to join the bugs and cranks for a base ball match between the Atlantics of Brooklyn and the Gothams of New York held on the grounds in Paterson. T’was a merrie affair played under 1864 rules and featuring great displays of athletic prowess. The

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The Mayor at the Mayor’s Cup

Mayor Koch at Shea, April 1989 I think Ed Koch was my first celebrity sighting. It was 1989 and my father, uncle, cousin and I had driven up to Shea Stadium for the Mayor’s Cup game between the Mets and Yankees to end spring training. Our seats were in the upper deck, but we arrived

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The Gooden billboard!

I knew someone had to have a shot of it. That someone is a guy by the name of Matt Weber, and the photo was posted on a blog called peripherybaseball. Many thanks. This brings back a lot of memories.