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Rickey knows hot dogs

On April 25, 2000, I went to Shea Stadium with a group of friends to see Ken Griffey Jr.‘s first game there with the Reds. This was after he demanded trade out of Seattle but blocked a deal that would’ve sent him to the Mets, so you can imagine how he was received by the

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A few words on Scott Sanderson

Upon hearing of the death of Scott Sanderson, I thought of this photo I took in June 1991 at Fenway Park. He went six innings, allowing one run to get the win (5-1, Yankees). About a week later, he was named to his only All-Star team. It was my first game at Fenway. The seats

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Going deep in three countries

When Tom Brady threw his first touchdown pass against the Raiders in a game in November 2017, CBS put up a graphic showing that he’s connected for a score in three countries: the United States, England and Mexico, where Oakland and New England were playing. That prompted this research.

MLB’s original 16 meeting in the World Series

Two of the last three World Series have featured a pair of original franchises from the American and National leagues. When the Indians and Cubs met in 2016 (their first World Series pairing), it featured two teams that have played in the same cities since their inceptions (not to mention the two longest title droughts

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One fan’s list of top David Wright moments

I was once at a gathering of a chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research where we were asked to introduce ourselves and say what player we were fans of growing up. Becoming a Mets fan in the mid-80s, I was taken by the graceful, looping swing and the power — not to mention

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