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Going deep in three countries

When Tom Brady threw his first touchdown pass against the Raiders in a game in November 2017, CBS put up a graphic showing that he’s connected for a score in three countries: the United States, England and Mexico, where Oakland and New England were playing. That prompted this research.

Hudson vs. Zito, back in Oakland

With their season a loss and their Bay neighbors the Giants in town — starting former A’s great Tim Hudson themselves — Oakland gave former AL Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito one more home start, and it happened to be the game we were attending. Along with Mark Mulder (who was in attendance; the three

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Hinchliffe Stadium snowed in

A couple of weeks ago on a photo trip to Paterson’s Great Falls, I peered over at Hinchliffe Stadium and noticed the main gates were open. Inside on what had been the football playing field (and deep in the outfield) were piles of snow.  Such piles are not so unusual in the northeast this winter, but these

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A 1964 Shea Stadium postcard and the great Pearl Bailey

I finally got around to scanning in a pile of various things I’ve picked up over the past year, and this is one of the cooler ones. It’s not just the 1964 view of Shea Stadium in its first year, featuring the colored panels hanging outside the ramps, the old buses parked near the subway

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Happy 100th, Fenway Park

Dad, sis and me I’ve been to Fenway Park several times over the years (seeing the Yankees twice, once more than I’ve seen the Red Sox in the Bronx), but the first trip wasn’t for a game. My family stopped to visit my mom’s cousin in Arlington, Mass., on our way up to Maine (our

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