Sensory overload

I’m still a bit overwhelmed by yesterday’s visit to the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. It’s a cliche in two ways: It’s like I’d died and gone to heaven. Yet, it’s also hell — temptations all around.

I did alright for myself — I stuck to my budget (that is, I brought just a little cash and didn’t spend more than that) and found some cool and interesting (to me) items to bring home. I also went weak in the knees and salivated over a few things that were out — way out — of my price range. A $3,000 photo of Honus Wagner with his Paterson Silk Weavers semipro team in the late 1800s, a framed collection of 19th-century baseball club ribbons (starting bid was $5,000, and you can see what it sold for), and several other photos and programs of historical significance in New York and New Jersey, plus a shot of Hall of Famer Ed Walsh with his two sons when they were on the Notre Dame team — with all three in Notre Dame uniforms.

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