World Series Game 3: Why not?

Red Sox 4, Cardinals 1

First and foremost, I just have to thank God for the opportunity to write this blog.

Why not them? I have to say, having not been a part of all the Red Sox fans’ heartaches over the years, I also don’t suffer from the pessimism that’s come to define them, to an extent. Boston has a 3-0 lead right now, and while some may allow themselves to believe what they don’t want to say out loud, there are just as many who are noting that just 10 days ago, it was the Red Sox down 0-3 — to the Yankees, no less — and they’re not allowing themselves to think about what could be a reality in 24 hours. But ever since the Red Sox took that 6-0 lead against the Yankees, I’ve started to let myself think about it. I’ve started to allow myself to believe it could happen — it will happen — and, as a result, my outlook of the World Series has been that it’s going to happen. I can’t explain it, but I’ve just felt since Friday that this is going to become a reality.

Of course, I’m not going to actually type out the words just yet, but I’m confident that, even after a possible Cardinals win or two, it will indeed come to pass.

So Pedro Martinez still has it, and now he’s the one people are calling Daddy. I’m a little tired of the “what might be Pedro’s last start as a Red Sox” talk. Leave that for the postseason. Fox played it up with Roger Clemens — his last start ever! — in last year’s postseason, and look what happened there. A lot of the talk on New York’s sports radio today was about the Mets interviewing Willie Randolph for their managerial opening yesterday and what the Yankees will do in the offseason to improve, from signing everyone from Carl Pavano to Carlos Beltran to Eric Milton to Pedro Martinez, to trading Kevin Brown and Jason Giambi and getting Troy Percival to set up Mariano Rivera. I just don’t see how Pedro would come to the Bronx. First of all, George Steinbrenner doesn’t want him. For one thing, the Yankees have done very well against Boston when Martinez pitches, so it’s not like he’s killing the Yanks every time out, something that might prompt George to go get the guy. Second, I just don’t see him as a pitcher George covets, and we all know George gets the players he wants (Gary Sheffield over Vladimir Guerrero, Kenny Lofton over, well, anyone). Finally, a left hander is more important for New York, so Milton or Randy Johnson will be the target.

But that’s hot-stove league talk. There’s still at least one more game left in this baseball season.

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