Goodnight, Bambino

86 years in the making. Posted by Hello

Red Sox 3, Cardinals 0


I always feel a twinge of remorse when the baseball season comes to an end. No matter who’s playing, I always try to catch the last out — or, in the case of 2001, 1997, etc., the last pitch, hit and run. But this year, I couldn’t wait for this final out. Edgar Renteria, the guy who got that hit in the 11th inning in Game 7 in 1997 to drive Craig Counsell home with the Marlins’ winning run, tapped one back to Keith Foulke, who jumped to grab it, twitched a little with it coming down, jogged toward first and double-clutched, almost appearing afraid to let go of it, not sure he can make the toss to get The Out. The Final Out. 1918-2004, as put it. And what does it say about the Red Sox that they’re celebrating on the field in St. Louis, rather than in the clubhouse? At least for a little while?


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