Mets Dig Doug

I thought that was a clever headline on the New York Post this morning. For once.

The other thing I meant to mention in the previous post was that Doug Mientkiewicz makes sense for another very good reason: The Mets’ championship teams of the past have been built around strong pitching and defense. It’s the nature of the beast when your home park is Shea Stadium. If you have a ballpark that benefits a certain aspect of the game and you can take advantage of that, well, that’s where you get any bit of home field advantage when it comes to late-season and postseason home games.

The Braves are still the team to beat in the NL East, but the Marlins aren’t the best team in the NL — as ESPN seems to continue to suggest — and it’s going to be quite a race among the three or four who can take it past the trading deadline.

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