Hockey at Citi Field?

I don’t read the New York Post (I wanted to be a journalist, not a muckraker, so “The Post” in my mind was always the Washington Post, mentioned in the same breath as “The Times,” not with “The News.”), so I have to credit Mets Police for bringing this to my attention: It appears the Mets would like to host the NHL’s Winter Classic, perhaps as soon as next year. But Larry Brooks also mentions how Yankee Stadium had come up in speculation for next year’s game and he cites the same conflict I did a few weeks ago: how can the stadium fit both a college football bowl game and an NHL game around the same time? For that reason alone, Citi Field may have an advantage in getting the metropolitan area’s first Winter Classic.

And speaking of hockey, while New Year’s celebrations had me at the computer sporadically the past few days, Martin Brodeur notched his 105th shutout on Dec. 30, moving him within five of Walter Johnson’s baseball record, which I’ve playfully decided is the North American team sports record for individual shutouts.

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  1. True. I know they do good work, but it’s the tabloid stuff that I don’t care for. Tiger Woods on the cover for 20 straight days (breaking the Post’s record, which had been 9/11 for 19 days)? That’s sales, not journalism. But I generally do keep up with the rumors.

    I’ve had my tenure as a sports journalist, though. I’m happy with the job I have; I just use this space for fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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