Shea Goodbye: 67 to go

I knew something was up at 1:05, when Oliver Perez still hadn’t warmed up for a 1:10 first pitch. Moments later, the announcement came: A water main break cut off water flow to Shea. So the game is being delayed because the field is too DRY.

The game is now set for a 1:50 start — and I wonder when these groups of school kids have to leave. They may only see an hour, and then there won’t be as much screeching in the upper deck, or the annoying packs clogging up the concourses.

Unfortunately, I’m losing my sun over the top lip of the stadium and any light breeze makes it colder — almost too cold. Damn me for ignoring my First Rule of Going to Shea: It will be 5-10 degrees colder there than it feels at home.

This one got ugly fast, so there’s not much to say. Damn Bucs.

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