Have you ever wondered how London covered the 1969 Mets?

For a delightfully irreverent take on the Mets’ 1969 NL East-clinching victory, check out this newsreel clip from British Movietone:

It’s part of a big collection of baseball footage hidden in plain sight among the millions of clips on YouTube. And it’s meant to make the Mets’ feat understood to British viewers: “Imagine a non-league soccer club taking home the F.A. Cup. … They slammed the Saint Louie Cardinals by six runs to nil.”

As a bonus, here’s the raw game footage — in color, with ambient sound:

I haven’t gotten through all the clips on that channel — most are barely more than a minute — but I’ve already found several others I could (and might still) point out — Babe Ruth! Ebbets Field! Mickey Mantle! Joe DiMaggio!

But right now, I want to get back to watching them.

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