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What a merry band of of marauders, they

It’s Friday night in Pittsburgh and PNC Park is the place to be. “Standing room only,” says a fan at a ticket window, turning to his companions. They decide to take them, because they want to be a part of it. A part of what? Well, nobody knows for sure, not just yet. But there

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Looking good for 99

Monteleone takes in the game Happy Birthday, Fenway! This photo was taken in 1991 and remains one of my favorite photos I’ve taken, particularly from those early years.

Ballpark landscapes

While looking through my baseball photos on Flickr the other night, it hit me just how many times I’ve been fortunate to see a brilliant sunset while at the ballpark. So, hey, the natural thing is a post about it, right!? Of course. YOGI BERRA STADIUM This was the first one, in 1999 — and

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Orange you glad they’re not black?

I’ve come to enjoy Bethany Heck’s Eephus League site since she was featured on Uni Watch a few weeks ago (and not just because she gave me a nice plug). There’s a lot of cool stuff there, so it’s worth a look around. I learned something in an interesting post on Monday: The Mets’ ballpark

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Shea Stadium in 1965

Batting practice in 1965, taken by Flickr user rbglasson This is a great shot of ol’ Shea back in ’65 — with a crowded upper deck for batting practice! Check it out by clicking on the photo to the right or perusing rbglasson’s great set of photos. So Happy New Year and all that. I

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