Which cap for Piazza?

Rob Neyer on ESPN.com and Pat Andriola on The Hardball Times speculate that Mike Piazza will one day sport a Mets cap when he’s inevitably inducted into the Hall of Fame. Their reasoning is based mostly on statistics and legacy, with no comments from Piazza.

I, too, think his bronzed likeness will someday sport the interlocking “NY,” but I’m basing my belief on the man himself, hoping he was sincere in October 1998 and can be taken at his word.

”When I looked inside, I realized this is where I wanted to be,” Piazza said. ”When you’re not successful here, it’s tough. But when you win here, it’s twice as good as anyplace else.

”And if I happen to be so fortunate to go in the Hall of Fame, it’s definitely going to be in a Mets uniform.”

I hope Piazza sticks to that statement, and I hope we get to find out three years from now.

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