Picture this: Saturday night Dodgers-Mets

Before we get too much further from last Saturday, here are some shots from batting practice and the game against the Dodgers. I won tickets and field access for batting practice in a contest via the team’s Twitter account. The trivia question? Which players wore No. 20 in the Mets’ two world championship seasons. The winner had to be the 20th correct response, and I got lucky.

Herewith, some shots (the full collection is here).

Beltran out of the cage
Carlos Beltran
Watching Ike
Watching Ike

Turner's helmet
Turner’s helmet

Skipper's advice
Skipper’s advice

A young Springsteen?
Ike Davis

A pause
On a break

Pridie stretches

Edgardo gets some work in
Edgardo Alfonzo on the mic

Pridie & Ethier
Andre Ethier catches up with Jason Pridie

Pridie signs
Pridie signs

Justin Turner
That night’s hero

Sky reflection
Set aside

Hairston’s kicks

Backlit comb
Turner signs

Kevin Elster & Marty Noble
Kevin Elster and Marty Noble

Mota moment
A Manny Mota moment

Out of the box
Reyes on the run

Wright at bat
Wright at the plate

Ike & Murph
Ike and Murph

Another Ethier fly
The night the streak ended

Kemp connects
Kemp connects

David Wright's double
David Wright’s double

Bay connects
Bay connects

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