Mets’ Opening Day opponents — and sites — through the years


Some various facts about the Mets’ Opening Day opponents through the years…

  • Their 2018 opener against the Cardinals is the eighth opener vs. St. Louis, tying them with the Expos/Nationals and the Phillies. Seven times the Mets have opened against the Cubs and Pirates, also former NL East rivals, along with the Cards. Since the 1995 realignment, the leaders are: Braves and Marlins (four times each); Nationals and Cardinals (three); Cubs, Reds, Padres (twice each); Phillies, Pirates, Rockies, Royals (once each).
  • Among National League teams, the Mets have never opened against the Diamondbacks or Brewers, and they’ve only opened against the Dodgers and Giants once.
  • In 2015 and ’16, the Mets opened in Washington and Kansas City, the first time they’ve opened a season in either city.
  • Those two straight seasons opening on the road came after hosting Opening Day for three years in a row. The Mets have opened in New York 30 times and on the road 27 times in their 57 seasons.
  • After New York, Chicago is the city in which the Mets have opened a season most frequently — four times — but the last was in 1994. Cincinnati (last in 2009), Miami (2011), Philadelphia (1982) and St. Louis (2007) are next with three each.
  • The Mets last spent Opening Day in Atlanta in 2004, in Denver in 1995, in Pittsburgh in 1986, in San Diego in 1997, and in San Francisco in 1968. They opened the 2000 season in Tokyo, which I’m not counting as a home game even though it was credited as such for the Mets. They have never opened in Milwaukee (only in the NL since 1998), Phoenix (only in baseball since 1998) or, curiously, Los Angeles.
  • The longest streak of opening a season either at home or on the road is three years.

As far as individual players …

Mets Opening Day Opponents

YearOpp.BallparkHome or AwayOD vs. Opp.In CityIn City vs. Opp.
1962STLBusch StadiumAway111
1963STLPolo GroundsHome211
1964PHIConnie Mack StadiumAway111
1965LADShea StadiumHome121
1966ATLShea StadiumHome131
1967PITShea StadiumHome141
1968SFCandlestick ParkAway111
1969MONShea StadiumHome151
1970PITForbes FieldAway211
1971MONShea StadiumHome262
1972PITShea StadiumHome372
1973PHIShea StadiumHome281
1974PHIVeterans StadiumAway322
1975PHIShea StadiumHome492
1976MONShea StadiumHome3103
1977CHCWrigley FieldAway111
1978MONShea StadiumHome4114
1979CHCWrigley FieldAway222
1980CHCShea StadiumHome3121
1981CHCWrigley FieldAway433
1982PHIVeterans StadiumAway533
1983PHIShea StadiumHome6133
1984CINRiverfront StadiumAway111
1985STLShea StadiumHome3142
1986PITThree Rivers StadiumAway422
1987PITShea StadiumHome5153
1988MONOlympic StadiumAway511
1989STLShea StadiumHome4163
1990PITShea StadiumHome6174
1991PHIShea StadiumHome7184
1992STLBusch StadiumAway522
1993COLShea StadiumHome1191
1994CHCWrigley FieldAway544
1995COLCoors FieldAway211
1996STLShea StadiumHome6204
1997SDJack Murphy StadiumAway111
1998PHIShea StadiumHome8215
1999MIASun Life StadiumAway111
2000CHCTokyo DomeAway611
2001ATLTurner FieldAway211
2002PITShea StadiumHome7225
2003CHCShea StadiumHome7232
2004ATLTurner FieldAway322
2005CINGreat American Ball ParkAway222
2006WSHShea StadiumHome1241
2007STLBusch StadiumAway733
2008MIASun Life StadiumAway222
2009CINGreat American Ball ParkAway333
2010MIACiti FieldHome3251
2011MIASun Life StadiumAway433
2012ATLCiti FieldHome4262
2013SDCiti FieldHome2271
2014WSHCiti FieldHome2282
2015WSHNationals ParkAway311
2016KCKauffman StadiumAway111
2017ATLCiti FieldHome5293
2018STLCiti FieldHome8305

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