Key stretch for the Mets

A coworker and Mets fan IMed me last night as the Braves finished off their sweep of the listless Mets.

“So the next 17 games — 3 in COL, 3 vs. FLA, 4 vs. LA, 3 in SF, 4 in SD … What do we need? That’s 10 games against three of the worst teams, record-wise in the NL.”

I thought about it for a moment, and we agreed:

Two out of three in Colorado, with an average of eight or nine runs a game. I’d be able to stomach a 13-11 loss.

Two out of three against Florida. Yeah, they’re in first place, but they’re the Marlins. And it’s at Shea.

A split against the Dodgers. They’ve struggled at times, but they still have some decent pitching (perhaps Clayton Kershaw in those four games) and some nice young hitters.

And they need to take six out of seven in San Diego and San Francisco, home to two of the NL’s worst teams at the moment.

That’s a 12-5 run through what should be some pretty easy competition.

It remains to be seen …

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