Black and blue and red all over

Getting everything in order and closing on a house can be hectic enough, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it during as important a week as baseball’s first of the season — particularly if your job revolves around said week as well.

So while I’ve missed the traditional Opening Day deadline to post predictions for the season, I still intend to do so. That will just have to come in another day or two.

But the season has begun (even the minor league season, which started today) and, therefore, life is better. Except when you’re watching the Angels-Rangers on one TV screen and the Diamondbacks-Rockies on another — and they’re wearing virtually the same jerseys. It was maddening trying to keep them straight. As I was watching, I could almost read the Uniwatch post that I was sure was coming.

I’ve accepted that alternate jerseys are here to stay, but I maintain that there needs to be a rule that only one team can sport the alternate jersey in the same game. Give preference to the home team and maybe mandate that the same alternate cannot be worn two games in a row, so that the team with the choice can’t block its opponent from wearing its alternate for an entire series. (The fact that I had to say “same alternate” is ridiculous too, because do the D-backs really need both a black and a “Sedona red” jersey?)

Maybe this whole jersey fiasco is what put Jose Valverde in such a … um … uncomfortable mood.

At least with those red jerseys, the Angels and Diamondbacks don’t have to worry about being run over.

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