The solution to all his problems

Here’s one for Peter Angelos: If you want to ensure that the Orioles don’t lose too many fans to the Nationals, go out and get Sammy Sosa. Don’t make MLB or Washington do the work for you; do it yourself. Put together a package of prospects and throw in Larry Bigbie or Jerry Hairston, have the Cubs pay a chunk of this year’s salary if that’s what it takes. But do it. It’s a win-win for Baltimore. If Sammy can’t bring the fans out to Camden Yards, with the 50 homers he could hit even if he misses two weeks with a sneeze-induced back injury, then you were right all along about your fan base in Washington. But if having Sammy hopping out of the batter’s box 20 times in June fills the place even without the Yankees in the other dugout, then your complaints were bull, yet you’ve still got a packed house, which is what you really wanted all along.

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