World Series Game 1: Back in Boston

Hmm… So I forgot to post any kind of thought-out preview for the World Series, which I intended to do. Damn weekends, getting in the way. Oops.

Here’s what I would’ve said: Both teams have great lineups, the Cardinals have better defense, especially in St. Louis, when David Ortiz has to play first base just to get his bat in the lineup. I think Boston’s pitching is better overall, particularly the starters, and that could end up being the difference. The thing about the Red Sox is that they can afford some defensive mistakes (see Manny Ramirez in the seventh last night), build a lead with their bats, and then replace Kevin Millar and Mark Bellhorn (and, in Missouri later this week, Ortiz) with Doug Mientkiewicz and Pokey Reese.

These may be the two best ballparks in the country when it comes to fan support and atmosphere in which a visiting team has to play. The Cardinals haven’t lost a playoff game at home this year. However, I feel both teams are capable of winning on the road. I also feel that the home team could win out just the same. Something like the last seven World Series involving the Cardinals have gone seven games, and this one very well could too. I think it will: Red Sox in seven.

As for last night, everything I was going to say (and, let’s face it, it’s not original; I feel the same way most people do about this series) pretty much came to pass. I watched some of it at home, listened to some of it from the other room while I played cards with my parents, and saw the middle innings unfold without sound in a bar. Game 2 is about to start and I’m hankerin’ for some peanuts. Time to crack some shells and watch the show. James Taylor is singing the national anthem. Nice touch. I’ll do my best to finish up the rest of the baseball season with a whole-hearted effort in these pages. And I’ve yet to give my opinions on the major awards. I’ll have to do that now without the bias of the postseason. I meant to (and should’ve) get them posted before any extra games every started.

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