What’s in a name? Thanksgiving edition

For Thanksgiving, I decided to have a little fun with some nicknames (and a few given ones), via Baseball-Reference. So here’s a Turkey Day Team — Thanksgiving, food and eating related names — to chew on.

Managing the bunch is Hall of Famer Leo “The Lip” Durocher, Dodgers 1939-48, Giants 1948-55, Cubs 1966-72, Astros 1972-73

On the mound, HOF lefty Carl “The Meal Ticket” Hubbell, Giants 1928-43

Behind the plate, HOF catcher Gabby “Old Tomato Face” Hartnett, Cubs 1922-40, Giants 1941

At first base, HOFer Lou “Biscuit Pants” Gehrig, Yankees 1923-39

At second base, Stuffy Stewart, Cardinals 1916-17, Pirates 1922, Robins 1923, Senators 1925-29

At third base, HOFer Pie Traynor, Pirates 1920-37

At shortstop, Turkey Gross, Red Sox 1925

In the outfield:

HOFer Turkey Stearns, Negro Leagues, 1923-42

“Turkey” Mike Donlin, Cardinals 1899-1900; Orioles 1901; Reds 1902-04; Giants 1904-11, ’14; Braves 1911; Pirates 1912. And buried in West Long Branch

And in recognition of the “first Thanksgiving,” HOFer “Wahoo” Sam Crawford, Reds 1899-1902, Tigers 1903-17.

On the bench, we have:

RF/1B Frank “Turkeyfoot” Brower, Senators 1920-22, Indians 1923-24

Turkey Tyson, 0-for-1 for the Phillies in 1944

OF Manuel “Potato” Cueto, St. Louis Terriers 1914, Reds 1917-19

1B Hugh “Corns” Bradley, Red Sox 1910-12, Federal League 1914-15

Minor leaguer Arvie Pilgrim

And in the bullpen:

RHP Jeremy Guthrie, Indians 2004-06, Orioles 2007-10 (for Arlo, natch)

LHP Mark Guthrie, Twins 1989-95, Dodgers 1995-98, Red Sox 1999, Cubs 1999-2000, Devil Rays 2000, Blue Jays 2000, A’s 2001, Mets 2002, Cubs 2003

RHP Luke “Hot Potato” Hamlin, Tigers 1933-34, Dodgers 1937-41, Pirates 1942, A’s 1944

RHP Camilo “Little Potato” Pascual, Senators 1954-60, Twins 1961-66, Senators, 1967-69, Reds 1969, Dodgers 1970, Indians 1971

And, finally, HOF RHP Red Ruffing (rhymes with “stuffing”), Red Sox 1924-30, Yankees 1930-46, White Sox 1947

Makes me want to put on my Thanksgiving pants and chow down on the biscuits!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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