The Anaheim/Los Angeles/San Diego Storm of Lake Elsinore

There was a surprising press release put out by the Lake Elsinore Storm late this week. It announced that the Southern California team, an affiliate of the San Diego Padres, was changing its name to the Anaheim/Los Angeles/San Diego Storm of Lake Elsinore. “The bottom line, we just want to make more money,” said GM Dave Oster.

Luckily, most news outlets seemed to catch the joke before it went too far. Others, not so much. A few fans, however, were genuinely upset. Well played, Lake Elsinore Storm. Well played.

And hey, on that note, I now have a new blog: Jersey Baseball (permanent link is the photo in the column on the right, below my archives). It’s a minor-league blog focusing on the teams in New Jersey, both affiliated and independent. I’ll also follow the farm teams of the Mets, Phillies and Yankees, all of which have a strong fan presence in the Garden State. That blog will mainly be shorter posts and analysis based on my trolling of the web. More in-depth columns, opinion, historical analysis, etc., will remain here.

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