Photo Friday: Angels vs. Yankees, 1992

Didn’t get around to today’s slideshow as early as I have the past two weeks, so no attempt at a soundtrack today and no particular reason for choosing this set.

This was a late-August game between two teams going nowhere in 1992: the Angels and Yankees. California, as the Angels were known then, won, 7-3, and Tim Salmon hit his first Major League home run, which is why this particular game always stood out in my memory. Years ago, when I discovered and its archive of box scores, I wanted to track down every game I’d attended. Finding this one was easy, because I remembered Salmon’s milestone. Same goes for Mo Vaughn, who hit his first homer about two months before this in Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium (I’ll eventually post my pics from that day).

Nothing particularly wonderful about this set. It was before I’d gotten my first SLR camera, so I’m using my mom’s point-and-shoot, the first camera I’d used that had a zoom function. But the settings couldn’t be adjusted, even if I knew what to do back then at almost 16 years old, so there is definitely some blurring that could’ve been prevented had I known what to do. So even though they might not hold up to my personal standards today, I’ve decided to include them for what they are: The memory and record of what I focused on and what I saw 17 years ago.

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