Keep an eye on those Red Sox

When the trade that would send Mike Lowell from the Red Sox to the Rangers came to light, one of my coworkers — a big-time Yankee fan — rejoiced. “They’re going to get Adrian Beltre,” he said with a dismissive laugh. “Enjoy that, suckers.”

But then I teased him.
“You’ll be sorry when they move Kevin Youkilis to third and trade for Adrian Gonzalez,” I said.
“Never happen,” was his reply.
Not so fast. It could happen. But it might not. At least not yet. It remains to be seen.
And though Lowell has yet to actually be traded, Beltre might not be the target after all

I’m just sayin’ — the Red Sox already brought in John Lackey, this year’s CC Sabathia (as the top free-agent pitcher available), and though they won’t be getting the top hitter on the market (Matt Holliday or Jason Bay, whichever you prefer), if they get Gonzalez, they may essentially have the kind of offseason the Yankees had last winter.

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  1. The Red Sox might get Gonzo, but they’re just replacing Bay. Sure Gonzo is better so their lineup will be better. But it’s not like they don’t have holes. Cameron, Scutero, Ellsbury, and if they get Beltre then him too, would all be competing with Melky for the worst hitters in the Yankees lineup.

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