Get out your pencils and notebooks

Two home runs, one a grand slam — albeit in an exhibition game — was nice. A run-scoring groundout in the first to start a six-RBI afternoon was good small-ball. A trim Luis Castillo who looks like he might be a capable leadoff hitter, allowing Jose Reyes to move down to the No. 3 spot for what could be a lethal Mets lineup could be the best on-field news of the spring so far for the Mets.

But the development I came across this afternoon (and missed yesterday) regarding Reyes is the absolute best piece of news I’ve read regarding the Amazin’s since the J.J. Putz trade in December.

Professor Reyes will be back this year.

Those between-inning Spanish lessons given by the All-Star shortstop were the best down-time entertainment at Shea Stadium during the two (I think) seasons they were used; eliminating them last year was as bad a decision as the attempt to have Reyes tone down his on-field energy. It just wasn’t the same Jose, and we saw the change once Jerry Manuel took over and Reyes went back to a more free-wheeling, fun-loving style. The Mets are a better ballclub and the ballpark is a better place to be when Jose is himself.

Even better, they’ll now be in HD on the new video board, which should make for better video.

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