Faces on the mound

Faces on the mound, originally uploaded by DC Products.

This is sort of a quick, rough draft of a project I was inspired to do because of work. I have to cut small thumbnails of photos, and when doing so for pitchers, I got to notice how some of them can make some pretty interesting faces during the act of pitching. So I thought it would make an amusing collage. I hastily put this one together yesterday, in about an hour, so I didn’t pay too much attention to those that were a pixel off or that I didn’t line up properly. I just wanted to get a basic idea of what it would look like. I do like it.

If you want to play along, there are 100 faces here, laid out in a pretty simple arrangement that you should pick up on once you spot a few you recognize. All but maybe 10-20 are front-of-the-rotation starters, All-Stars or otherwise big-name hurlers. There are two or three middle relievers and a No. 4 or 5 starter here and there.

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