ALCS Game 6: Schilling’s gutty performance

Yesterday’s game:
Red Sox 4, Yankees 2

Yankees-Red Sox series tied 3-3
Holy shit. First team down 0-3 to even get to Game 7. So I guess this series did turn out to be quite exciting after all. It’s down to one winner-take-all game, Derek Lowe against someone, as of this morning, yet to be determined. Kevin Brown? Orlando Hernandez, who was warming up in the ninth last night in the event the Yankees tied it? You know everyone will be available, with the exception of Jon Lieber. Turns out the Red Sox had the Yankees just where they wanted them, and wanted themselves. They’ve admitted they play loose and coming back to New York, there was no pressure on them. There might be some tonight, but it’s still not as much as that which is on the men in pinstripes. We’re starting to see it, both from the Yankees and their fans. What is Alex Rodriguez doing trying to knock the ball out of the pitcher’s hand on the tag play going to first? That’s a play made by a Little Leaguer who doesn’t know the game — it’s a childish play. And the fans had no right to get upset over the umpires convening to make the correct call (except for the fact that few of them probably saw what actually happened). In the end, it was sad to see that the fans forced the riot police to line the field for the final two half-innings. That’s New York for you. I’m not saying it’s New York and nowhere else, but it is, indeed, New York. I have no idea how to look at tonight’s game, how to peg it. But I do have a feeling on one thing: food consumption will be down in New York and Boston today, because there are a few hundred thousand fans who will be too nervous and excited heading into tonight to find a way to eat. At least that’s the way I’d be.

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