The cliche is here

At last, Spring Training is here.

With Notre Dame’s recent struggles, my interest in college basketball has waned sooner than usual, to the point where I decided to plan our March vacation to Arizona during the Big East Tournament rather than the first week of the NCAA tourney. And so I find that today’s first day of camp for several teams is more pleasant than I anticipated.
There’s not much else to say, because so much of what I love is cliched and probably mentioned in every story about Spring Training’s commencement. But I think what I enjoy most is the images, both the photos sent from on-site (particularly the images of stretching, non-star players or equipment, like the one I took at Dodgertown a few years ago) and the sights and sounds during the scattered broadcasts each March.
And the first one, Braves vs. Mets, is only two weeks from yesterday.

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