A look back: Mets openers

Soon, Casey and I will be riding the rails out to Flushing for another Mets opener (and a Mr. Met bobblehead!). In celebration of baseball coming back to Queens for the season, I’ve pulled some photos from past openers. I don’t have photos from each of the past 12 openers I’ve been to, but here’s a sampling of what I do have.

My first opener, 1991

 Look at the price!
Coming off the train, 2004
Back for another season

Introductions, 2004
Opening Day at Shea, 2004

Groundskeeper Bill Butler’s skyline, 2005
City in the outfield

Mr. Met coming off the 7, 2006
Off the 7

On the 7 for Shea’s last, 2008
7 train approach

Presenting the good luck wreath, 2008
Presentation of the wreath

Citi’s debut, from the video board, 2009
Blimp over Citi

After Citi’s unveiling, 2009
From the platform, postgame

A bigger flag, 2010
Beneath the blue sky

David Wright’s home run, 2010
Wright's home run

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