You’ll always have a place in Mets’ fans hearts, Mikey

I have to say I’m glad that Mike Piazza found work. He’s a classy guy and a good player and he deserves to go out on his terms. It’ll be sad to see him struggle, if that’s how it’s going to turn out, but he can still hit pretty well for a 37-year-old catcher. His career isn’t that much different that Gary Carter’s was, but at least with Piazza we know he’s going into the Hall in a Mets cap.

Being in San Diego will bring his career full-circle, finishing up in SoCal where he began. Signing with the Phillies would’ve been similar, because he grew up outside Philadelphia, but being a Padre means that he has one trip to Shea Stadium next year, Aug. 8-10, with the Mets in San Diego April 20-23. With the Phillies, he would’ve been a two-hour drive away and at Shea for three separate series, which would’ve gotten old by the end. This way, the Mets likely will draw three good crowds for that weekday series, so long as Piazza is healthy that deep into the season.

And another thing: If Adam Dunn can hit 40 HR and drive in 101 runs with a fracture in his hand, as he did last year, I’m curious (to say the least) as to what he can do when healthy. Though from the sound of things, I’m not sure the appendage is 100 percent since Dunn acknowledged that it still hurts.

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