Someone like Jose

OK, so Jose Reyes’ departure snapped me out of my (unintended) blogging hiatus. I found it in myself to read more posts on Reyes from some other blogs over the past two days. I always appreciate good writing, even when it’s tough to stomach. Maybe even more in those cases …

Well-written (psycho)analysis from Ted Berg

A true fan’s view from Paul Hadsall (who I owe a belated thank you for acknowledging me in his Thanksgiving post). He also looks at what Marlins bloggers are saying.

Wonderful sarcasm from Mets Police

A pragmatic look from Brad Bortone

 Vinny Cartiglia has fans’ reactions on Twitter over at Metsblog.

And a collection from the folks at Amazin’ Avenue …

Matthew Callan knows it hurts

Eric Simon helps you decide who to blame

Chris McShane channels The Simpsons

And, finally, Amazin’ Avenue’s Applesauce presents a roundup of even more coverage. I’ve linked to the whole post because it gave me the idea for the (intentionally cheesy) photo presentation below.

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