Shea Goodbye: 78 to go

Couldn’t watch this one because I was at my friend Dave’s wedding rehearsal dinner — this, the guy who planned his wedding for the same week as the Mets’ home opener and thus couldn’t go on Tuesday, snapping his streak at nine — but we high-fived when I got the final score text message. Watching Baseball Tonight now, and though Aaron Heilman continued to struggle, it was nice to see the rest of the bullpen come through, especially Scott Schoeneweis against Chase Utley. That was a big out right there, and if we can trust him in key situations, that’s a bonus.

Jose Reyes was the key, not just because he doubled with two outs in the 12th and made a deft slide to score the winning run on Angel Pagan’s single that followed. (No, I don’t know if he actually touched the plate, but I don’t know that he didn’t, either. And I don’t know that he was tagged, so I can’t say that the umpire had the call wrong.) But Reyes also stole his first base in 23 games, according to ESPN, and that’s what the Mets need from him — getting on base, creating runs, and stealing bags. As they say about power hitters when they step to the plate, that they’re already in scoring position, so it goes with Reyes once he reaches: he’s in scoring position. If he’s on first base, he can score on a double. Or he can steal second to put himself in scoring position. His success is key to the Mets’, so it’s glad to see him coming around.

But what’s with Steve Berthume on Baseball Tonight? During every highlight, he’s mentioning any player who once donned a Mets uniform by prefacing his name with “former Mets great,” no matter who the player is — including Xavier Nady (less than a year in Queens) and Chad Bradford (a decent but nothing-special middle reliever). Was his year at SNY unpleasant?

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