Where it all began for Chipper

This isn’t a piece of trivia that I had tucked away in my brain, but if you’d asked me which team surrendered Chipper Jones‘ first Major League home run, I’d have said something along the lines of, “It would have to be the Mets.”

And it was. It came, naturally, at Shea Stadium, where he hit 19 long balls in his career. The only places where he hit more were his home ballparks. He has one at Citi Field, hit last September, in 11 career games there to this point. The Marlins’ home ballpark (the name keeps changing, so why bother putting one in when it could be obsolete in another year?) has yielded 16 homers to Chipper, a native Floridian, so he’s got a chance to hit three or four more there in, presumably, 18 games this year and next before the team moves into its new home in 2012.
It might be worth noting, too, that Chipper’s seven homers off of Steve Trachsel are the most he’s hit against any pitcher, but three of those came when Trachs was a Cub. The four Trachsel allowed as a Met equal the four Bobby Jones, wearing orange and blue, allowed to Chipper. Rick Reed also allowed four homers, but one was with the Reds.

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