Quick prediction on NL Cy Young

Didn’t have time to get this going sooner, so with less than an hour until the announcement, I’ll just throw out the three presumed front-runners for the National League Cy Young Award, along with my prediction. I’m wondering if this will be a slightly different year, considering Hanley Ramirez’s narrow Rookie of the Year victory over Ryan Zimmerman. But more on that when I have time.

Chris Carpenter: The reigning Cy Young holder won 16 games, which would be the lowest since the Cubs’ Rick Sutcliffe went 16-1 for Chicago in 1984. But that was after he came over in a midseason trade; overall, Sutcliffe went 20-6, though I’m sure the voters were only supposed to consider his NL achievements. As for Carpenter, his Cardinals did win the World Series with the lowest win total (83) in history, so maybe he’ll take a similar track to his second Cy Young.

Brandon Webb: The Arizona righty didn’t lose any of his first 13 or so starts, but was just so-so over the second half. Appearing to run away with it in the early months, he became just another candidate as the season wore on.

Trevor Hoffman: There are some who say that a win for Hoffman this year — a year without a 20-game winner or otherwise dominant starter — would be akin to a lifetime achievement Cy Young, and perhaps a makeup honor for 1998, when Hoffman saved 53 games but lost the award to Tom Glavine. With no stellar starter, I think this just might be the year the Cy Young bell tolls for Hoffman.

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