Presidential players

For Presidents Day, I thought I’d go into the Baseball-Reference database and put together a roster of players and managers throughout history who share names with former presidents. I’m sure I’m not the first to compile such a list (and I did think of putting together a 25-man roster, by position, but got lazy — which is fine). They’re listed below in order of the most popular surnames. Each one includes honorable mentions for players whose given names — first and middle — are those of chief executives. I did not include any players/managers whose first names are the same as presidential last names (sorry, Madison Bumgarner, et al).

A few notes: Players listed as active (through 2009) by B-R are in bold, asterisks denote All-Stars and italics are Hall of Famers. Players with presidential surnames are listed with their common, known names (Bo Jackson, instead of Edward Vincent Jackson, for instance), but those with first and middle names of presidents have their full, given names listed (so you might not recognize Jonathan Tyler Lester, but it’s Jon Lester). Those who are or were known by the same name as a president (Zachary Taylor is one) are in all caps, but those who share a name with a president but go by something else (Mike Adams was born Jon — close enough — Michael Adams) just have the given name noted in parentheses.

Abbie Johnson
Abe Johnson
Adam Johnson
Alex Johnson*
Art Johnson (1927)
Art Johnson (1940-42)
Ban Johnson (founder and president of American League; in HOF as pioneer/executive in 1937)
Bart Johnson
Ben Johnson (1959-60)
Ben Johnson (2005-07)
Bill Johnson (1884-92)
Bill Johnson (1916-17)
Bill Johnson (1983-84)
Billy Johnson*
Bob Johnson* (1933-45)
Bob Johnson (1960-70)
Bob Johnson (1969-77)
Bob Johnson (1981-83)
Brian Johnson
Caleb Johnson
Charles Johnson*
Charlie Johnson
Chet Johnson
Chief Johnson
Chris Johnson
Cliff Johnson
Connie Johnson
Dan Johnson
Dane Johnson
Darrell Johnson
Dave Johnson (1974-78)
Dave Johnson (1987-93)
Davey Johnson*
Deron Johnson
Don Johnson* (1943-48)
Don Johnson (1947-58)
Earl Johnson
Ed Johnson
Elliot Johnson
Elmer Johnson
Erik Johnson
Ernie Johnson (1912-25)
Ernie Johnson (1950-59)
Footer Johnson
Frank Johnson
Fred Johnson
Gary Johnson
Hank Johnson
Howard Johnson*
Jason Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Jim Johnson (1970)
Jim Johnson (2006-)
Jing Johnson
Joe Johnson
John Johnson
John Henry Johnson
Johnny Johnson
Jonathan Johnson
Josh Johnson*
Judy Johnson
Keith Johnson
Kelly Johnson (Kelly Andrew Johnson)
Ken Johnson (1947-52)
Ken Johnson (1958-70)
Lamar Johnson
Lance Johnson*
Larry Johnson
Lloyd Johnson
Lou Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mark J. Johnson (2000)
Mark L. Johnson (1998-2008)
Mike Johnson (1974)
Mike Johnson (1997-2001)
Nick Johnson
Otis Johnson
Paul Johnson
Randy Johnson (1980-82)
Randy Johnson (1982-84)
Randy Johnson* (1988-2009)
Rankin Johnson (1914-18)
Rankin Johnson (1941)
Reed Johnson
Rob Johnson
Ron Johnson
Rondin Johnson
Rontrez Johnson
Roy Johnson (1918)
Roy Johnson (1929-38)
Roy Johnson (1982-85)
Russ Johnson
Si Johnson
Spud Johnson
Stan Johnson
Syl Johnson
Tim Johnson
Tom Johnson
Tony Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Vic Johnson
Wallace Johnson
Walt Johnson
Walter Johnson
Youngy Johnson

Archie Wilson
Art Wilson
Artie Wilson
Bill Wilson (1890-98)
Bill Wilson (1950-55)
Bill Wilson (1969-73)
Bob Wilson
Bobby Wilson
Brian Wilson*
C.J. Wilson
Charlie Wilson (Charles Woodrow Wilson)
Chief Wilson
Craig Wilson (1989-93)
Craig Wilson (1998-2000)
Craig Wilson (2001-2007)
Dan Wilson*
Desi Wilson
Don Wilson*
Duane Wilson
Earl Wilson
Eddie Wilson
Enrique Wilson
Fin Wilson
Frank Wilson
Gary Wilson (1902)
Gary Wilson (1979)
Gary Wilson (1995)
George Wilson
Glenn Wilson*
Grady Wilson
Hack Wilson
Henry Wilson
Highball Wilson
Icehouse Wilson
Jack Wilson (1934-42)
Jack Wilson* (2001-)
Jim Wilson* (1945-58)
Jim Wilson (1985-89)
Jimmie Wilson*
John Wilson (1913)
John Wilson (1927-28)
Josh Wilson
Jud Wilson
Kris Wilson
Les Wilson
Max Wilson
Mike Wilson
Mookie Wilson
Mutt Wilson
Neil Wilson
Nigel Wilson
Parke Wilson
Paul Wilson
Pete Wilson
Preston Wilson*
Red Wilson
Roy Wilson
Squanto Wilson
Steve Wilson
Tack Wilson
Tex Wilson
Tom Wilson (1914-14)
Tom Wilson (2001-04)
Trevor Wilson
Tug Wilson
Vance Wilson
Walter Wilson
Willie Wilson*
Willy Wilson
Zeke Wilson

Honorable mention:
Woodrow Wilson (Woody) Davis
Woodrow Wilson (Woody) Williams (1938-45)

Aaron Taylor
Arlas Taylor
Ben Taylor (1912)
Ben Taylor (1951-55)
Ben “Old Reliable” Taylor
Bill Taylor
Billy Taylor (1881-87)
Billy Taylor (1898)
Billy Taylor (1994-2001)
Bob Taylor
Bruce Taylor
Carl Taylor
Chink Taylor
Chuck Taylor
Danny Taylor
Dorn Taylor
Dummy Taylor
Dwight Taylor
Ed Taylor (1903)
Ed Taylor (1926)
Fred Taylor
Gary Taylor
George Taylor
Graham Taylor
Harry Taylor (1890-93)
Harry Taylor (1932)
Harry Taylor (1946-52)
Harry Taylor (1957)
Hawk Taylor
Jack Taylor (1891-99)
Jack Taylor (1898-1907)
Joe Taylor
Kerry Taylor
Leo Taylor
Live Oak Taylor
Pete Taylor
Reggie Taylor
Ron Taylor
Sammy Taylor
Sandy Taylor
Scott Taylor (1992-93)
Scott Taylor (1995)
Terry Taylor
Tommy Taylor
Tony Taylor*
Wade Taylor
Wiley Taylor
Zack Taylor

Honorable mention:
Zachary Taylor Shafer

Al Jackson
Bill Jackson
Bo Jackson*
Charlie Jackson
Chuck Jackson
Conor Jackson
Damian Jackson
Danny Jackson*
Darrell Jackson
Darrin Jackson
Edwin Jackson*
George Jackson
Grant Jackson*
Henry Jackson
Herbert Jackson
Jim Jackson
Shoeless Joe Jackson
John Jackson
Ken Jackson
Larry Jackson*
Lou Jackson
Mike Jackson (1970-73)
Mike Jackson (1986-2004
Randy Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Ron Jackson (1954-60)
Ron Jackson (1975-84)
Roy Lee Jackson
Ryan Jackson
Sam Jackson
Sonny Jackson
Steven Jackson
Travis Jackson
Zach Jackson

Honorable mention:
Andrew Jackson Bednar
Andrew Jackson Dunning
Andrew Jackson Knox
Andrew Jackson Leonard
Andrew Jackson Reese

ADAMS (28)
Ace Adams*
Babe Adams
Bert Adams
Bob Adams (1925)
Bob Adams (1931-1932)
Bob Adams (1977)
Bobby Adams
Buster Adams
Dan Adams
Dick Adams
Doug Adams
George Adams
Glenn Adams
Herb Adams
Jim Adams
Joe Adams
Karl Adams
Mike Adams (1972-78) (Jon Michael Adams)
Mike Adams (2004-)
Red Adams
Rick Adams
Ricky Adams
Russ Adams
Sparky Adams (Earl John Adams)
Spencer Adams
Terry Adams
Willie Adams (1912-1919)
Willie Adams (1996-1997)

Honorable mention for our sixth president:
John Quincy Adams Strick (1882)

Adam Kennedy
Bill Kennedy (1942-47)
Bill Kennedy (1948-57)
Bob Kennedy (1939-1957)
Brickyard Kennedy
Doc Kennedy
Ed Kennedy (1883-86)
Ed Kennedy (1884)
Ian Kennedy
Jim Kennedy (1970)
Jim Kennedy (manager, years unknown)
Joe Kennedy
JOHN KENNEDY (1957) (John Irvin Kennedy)
JOHN KENNEDY (1962-74) (John Edward Kennedy)
Junior Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
Monte Kennedy
Ray Kennedy (Raymond Lincoln Kennedy; double presidents!)
Snapper Kennedy
Ted Kennedy
Terry Kennedy*
Vern Kennedy*

FORD (16)
Ben Ford
Bill Ford
Curt Ford
Dan Ford
Dave Ford
Ed Ford
Gene Ford (1905)
Gene Ford (1936-38)
Hod Ford
Lew Ford
Matt Ford
Russ Ford
Ted Ford
Tom Ford
Wenty Ford
Whitey Ford

Andy Carter
Arnold Carter
Blackie Carter
Chris Carter
Gary Carter
Howie Carter
Jeff Carter
Joe Carter*
Lance Carter*
Larry Carter
Nick Carter
Paul Carter
Sol Carter
Steve Carter

HAYES (10)
Ben Hayes
Bill Hayes
Brett Hayes
Charlie Hayes
Frankie Hayes*
Jackie Hayes (1882-90)
Jackie Hayes (1927-40)
Jim Hayes
John Hayes
Von Hayes*

Eddie Grant
Frank Grant (Ulysses Franklin Grant)
George Grant
Jim Grant
Jimmy Grant
Mark Grant
Mudcat Grant*
Tom Grant

Honorable mention:
Ulysses Simpson Grant “Stoney” McGlynn
Ulysses Simpson Grant “Lil” Stoner
Grant Thatcher (Ulysses Grant Thatcher)

Billy Pierce
Ed Pierce
Gracie Pierce
Jack Pierce
Jeff Pierce
Maury Pierce
Ray Pierce
Tony Pierce

Honorable mention:
Franklin Pierce Harter
Monty Franklin Pierce Stratton

Claudell Washington*
George Washington (Sloan Vernon Washinton, but B-R lists him as George)
Herb Washington
La Rue Washington
Rico Washington
Ron Washington
U L Washington

Honorable mention:
George Washington Baumgardner
George Washington Bradley (1875-88)
George Washington Bradley (1946)
George Washington Case*
George Washington Crosby
George Washington Davies
George Washington Harper
George Washington Henry
George Washington Keefe
George Washington “Jumbo” McGinnis
George Washington Merritt
George Washington Noftsker
George Washington Payne
George Washington Paynter
George Washington “Hack” Simmons
George Washington “Buck” Stanton
George Washington Wilson
George Washington “Zip” Zabel

Ben Harrison
Bob Harrison
Chuck Harrison
Matt Harrison
Rit Harrison
Roric Harrison
Tom Harrison

Honorable mention:
William Henry Harrison Geer
Benjamin Harrison Taylor (1912)
Benjamin Harrison “Old Reliable” Taylor (dates unknown; Negro leagues player and Hall of Famer)
Benjamin Harrison Van Dyke

Craig Monroe
Ed Monroe
Frank Monroe
John Monroe
Larry Monroe
Zach Monroe

Al Nixon (Albert Richard Nixon, yet he played from 1915-28. Nickname was Humpty Dumpty)
Donell Nixon
Otis Nixon
Russ Nixon
Trot Nixon
Willard Nixon

BUSH (6)
David Bush
Donie Bush
Guy Bush
Homer Bush
Joe Bush
Randy Bush

Jesse Jefferson
Reggie Jefferson
Stan Jefferson

Honorable mention:
Thomas Jefferson Davis Bridges* (Double-historical naming!)
Thomas Jefferson Dowd
Thomas Jefferson Gulley
Joseph Jefferson “Shoeless Joe” Jackson
Thomas Jefferson Jordan
Thomas Jefferson Pratt
Thomas Jefferson Raub
Thomas Jefferson Sullivan
Thomas Jefferson York

Art Madison
Dave Madison
Scotti Madison

Honorable mention:
James Madison Holloway
James Emmett Madison Holt
James Madison Pearce
James Madison Toy

Fred Tyler
Johnnie Tyler (John Anthony Tyler)
Lefty Tyler

Honorable mention:
Jonathan Tyler Lester

Bob Buchanan
Brian Buchanan
Jim Buchanan (James Forrest Buchanan)

Deacon Van Buren
Jermaine Van Buren

Honorable mention:
Martin Van Buren (Marty) Walker

Ezra Lincoln
Mike Lincoln

Honorable mention:
Abraham Lincoln “Sweetbreads” Bailey (best nickname ever?)
Abraham Lincoln Wade
Abraham Lincoln Wolstenholme

Elmer Cleveland
Reggie Cleveland

Honorable mention:
Grover Cleveland Alexander

Jim Clinton
Lou Clinton

Honorable mention:
Williams Clinton (Bill) Zepp

Bill Garfield

Honorable mention:
James Garfield (John) Durham

Charlie Harding

POLK (0)

Only Wes Chamberlain comes close to an honorable mention; his given name is Wesley Polk Chamberlain.

Though there is one minor league record for a player in 1909 whose first name is not known.

Honorable mentions:
Chester Arthur Crist
Chester Arthur Emerson

Honorable mention:
William McKinley “Pinky” Hargrave
William McKinley “Max” Venable

Honorable mention:
Roosevelt Brown
Theodore Roosevelt (Ted) Lilly*
Jack Roosevelt (Jackie) Robinson
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Ted) Wieand

TAFT (0)
Honorable mention:
Taft Shedron “Taffy” Wright

Honorable mention:
Calvin Coolidge (Cal) Ermer
Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma (Cal) McLish*

Honorable mention:
Truman Eugene “Tex” Clevenger
John Truman Wasdin

Honorable mention:
A Charlie Eisenhower played for the Laredo Broncos of the independent United League in 2006.

Honorable mention:
Douglas Reagan Ault

Art Wilson and Gary Carter deserve mention as being active in the Majors for the entire term of the presidents who share their surnames. Others active for a portion of “their” presidents’ tenures include: Chief Wilson, Fin Wilson, John Wilson, Mutt Wilson, Squanto Wilson, 1914 Tom Wilson, John Edward Kennedy, Dan Ford, David and Homer Bush (George W. Bush) and Randy Bush (George H.W. Bush).

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