Photo Friday: Cardinals vs. Cubs, 1998

Mark McGwire, May 1, 1998, Chicago

With the way the week started out, I had to go with this set for Photo Friday. When I went through the negatives to find that photo of Mark McGwire I used on Monday, I scanned in the rest of the worthy images to use for today’s slideshow. I had a fitting song picked out, “The Apologist” by R.E.M., but YouTube’s gotten smart enough to recognize music tracks and disabled the audio because of copyrights. And I didn’t even use the complete song. Anyway, here’s the photo-only slide show.

Update, Feb. 19: It occurred to me that Blogger has a video uplink button that I’d never used. Maybe, I thought, I can upload the video with the track that way. I finally remembered to try it and it worked out, as you’ll see below. The version without the song can still be seen here, where the photos are a bit larger as well.

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