Opening Day game predictions

When I was a kid — middle school, early high school, something like that — I once wrote out the Opening Day schedule, and then predicted every game. I tried to predict the score, the winning and losing pitchers and who got the save, where applicable. I don’t remember if I tried to name home runs, but that’s what I’m doing this year. Yesterday, I posted my prediction for tonight’s game: Yankees 8, Red Sox 3, win to Johnson, loss to Wells, home run to Matsui. Here are the rest (home teams in CAPS).

TIGERS 9, Royals 1. WP: Bonderman. LP: Lima. HR: Ordonez, Inge, Monroe.

Brewers 4, PIRATES 2. WP: Sheets. LP: Torres. HR: Lee.

Mets 7, REDS 4. WP: Martinez. LP: Wilson. HR: Wright, Dunn, Kearns.

Athletics 12, ORIOLES 7. WP: Zito. LP: Lopez. HR: Chavez, Kendall, Byrnes, Sosa, Tejada.

Indians 5, WHITE SOX 4. WP: Riske. LP: Marte. SV: Wickman. HR: Hafner, Konerko.

PHILLIES 6, Nationals 4. WP: Madson. LP: Ayala. HR: Utley, Burrell, Guillen.

ROCKIES 10, Padres 6. WP: Kennedy. LP: Williams. HR: Helton, Holliday, Nady, Nevin.

DEVIL RAYS 2, Blue Jays 1. WP: Miller. LP: Halladay. SV: Baez.

MARINERS 5, Twins 3. WP: Moyer. LP: Crain. SV: Guardado. HR: Sexson.

Cubs 6, Diamondbacks 3. WP: Zambrano. LP: Vazquez. SV: Hawkins. HR: Patterson, Gonzalez.

Braves 8, MARLINS 7. WP: Reitsma. LP: Alfonseca. SV: Kolb. HR: C. Jones, Lowell, Cabrera.

GIANTS 3, Dodgers 2. WP: Schmidt. LP: Wunsch. SV: Benitez.

ASTROS 4, Cardinals 2. WP: Oswalt. LP: Carpenter. SV: Lidge. HR: Biggio, Walker.

Rangers 7, ANGELS 5. WP: Brocail. LP: Donnelly. SV: Cordero. HR: Soriano, Young, Guerrero, Finley.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to get through my division standings predictions and post them here.

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