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Zack Wheeler’s first Citi Field pitch

Going through some photos from last year and came across this GIF I (OK — Google Photos) made. I’d forgotten about it, even though I took these shots of his first home pitch with this specific plan in mind. Here’s hoping he does even half of what Matt Harvey did last year.

Barry Larkin as an All-Star for the last time

I suppose I’m a couple days late on the Barry Larkin post, but that’s because I don’t really have anything to add. I never had a strong feel either way for his candidacy, but I suppose I now see him as more a Hall of Famer than not. He was among the shortstops who “changed

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Someone like Jose

OK, so Jose Reyes’ departure snapped me out of my (unintended) blogging hiatus. I found it in myself to read more posts on Reyes from some other blogs over the past two days. I always appreciate good writing, even when it’s tough to stomach. Maybe even more in those cases … Well-written (psycho)analysis from Ted

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American summer

Is there anything that can tell more about an American summer than, say, the smell of the wooden bleachers in a small town baseball park, that resinous, sultry and exciting smell of old dry wood? — Thomas Wolfe

Picture this: Saturday night Dodgers-Mets

Before we get too much further from last Saturday, here are some shots from batting practice and the game against the Dodgers. I won tickets and field access for batting practice in a contest via the team’s Twitter account. The trivia question? Which players wore No. 20 in the Mets’ two world championship seasons. The

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