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The Gooden billboard!

I knew someone had to have a shot of it. That someone is a guy by the name of Matt Weber, and the photo was posted on a blog called peripherybaseball. Many thanks. This brings back a lot of memories.

Cape Cod baseball memories

Starting 30 years ago, my family joined others — those of my mom’s four best college friends — for a Memorial Day weekend getaway in Hyannisport, Mass., that quickly became an annual tradition. As a result, all through high school and college, I never knew what it was like to be home for Memorial Day

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Waiter: Check (swing), please!

Castillo makes contact (really) With each passing day, I grow happier knowing that we won’t have to see this anymore — a defensive swing to fight off a pitch in an at-bat that, more often than not, will end in a five-hopper to shortstop. On weekend in grade school, I was at my friend Phil’s

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The two times I met Bob Feller

I met Bob Feller twice, and in those two brief encounters, I saw a little of what all the stories and columns have been saying about him tonight. The first meeting came when I was a young collector and he appeared at a local card show. I brought a cover of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly

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Following through on a long-delayed plan

I’ve got a few posts planned for this week and I want to roll them out gradually to try to re-establish some sense of regularity here. I figure if I can write ahead and set things to post at regular intervals, such a backup plan might allow me to write more timely posts in between.

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