Why not Thome to the Bronx?

I’m a little surprised that no one talked about a trade of Jim Thome to the Yankees. It’s very likely that someone has and I’ve missed it, but to me it seems obvious enough for one of the teams to at least consider it, though both probably should. The Yankees can take on Thome’s salary without any problems, and the Phillies might still be willing to pay some portion of it just to open the spot for Ryan Howard at first base. New York, of course, can use a first baseman to put Jason Giambi at DH now that they’ve declined the option on Tino Martinez’s contract.

The Yankees have never been afraid of big contracts and have been willing to give questionable guys a second chance. Granted, those questions in the past were drugs and other off-the-field indiscretions (Steve Howe, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden), but if George Steinbrenner can forgive various illegal actions for a guy with ability and potential, why can’t he do the same for a guy with the same ability and potential whose questions are physical health rather than mental.

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