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More cover history: The 2012 SI baseball preview

I was caught off-guard this year. The Opening Series in Japan next week has thrown off my internal Opening Day clock. And so, when my Sports Illustrated was late to my mailbox this week, all I thought I was missing was an NCAA Sweet 16 cover. But no! When I reached in on Friday, half

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Los Angelinos

Brilliant! The Angels announced last week that they will in fact feature their original uniforms as part of their “Flashback Fridays” this season. And, as the release mentions, they will have the halo on the caps.

Flashbacks about to become more common in southern California

The Angels announced on Friday that they’ll feature “Flashback Fridays” as part of their 50th anniversary this season. To kick it off, they’ll wear reproductions of their 1989-92 uniform (with the 50th anniversary patch added) on April 8, April 22 and May 6. The press release trumpets it as the “late 1980s” design, and while

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Little Old New York

The still image above is from a British tourism film about New York City in 1963. Along with scenes from Idlewild (pre-JFK) Airport, Chinatown and the downtown skyline is a segment on Yankee Stadium. The footage was taken on July 25, 1963, which was the only home game against the Angels that year started by

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Most valuable losers

When Chase Utley hit his second home run in Game 5 of the World Series, giving him five against the Yankees, the discussion began about who had been named Series MVP from the losing team. Since the award was first given (in 1955 to Johnny Podres), only one player had ever earned the honor but

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