Game 3s: Night and day

Thursday’s game:
Cardinals 6, Astros 4

Yesterday’s games:
Astros 5, Cardinals 2
Yankees 19, Red Sox 8

Cardinals lead series 2-1
There was little attention paid to baseball the past few days because Notre Dame was playing Navy at Giants Stadium, and with so many college friends and their families in, we didn’t spend too much time watching the LCS. During last night’s relaxing dinner party at my apartment, however, we did flip back to the games when football contests were slower or in commercial, so we saw a bit of Roger Clemens’ strong performance capped by the devastating slider of the former Notre Dame pitcher, Brad Lidge. At the moment, the Astros are tied 5-5, but I’ll hold off on further comment until the game is final. I have to say, though, that my favorite uniform for Houston is the white jersey without the pinstripes and the brick-red “Astros” and cap. I don’t like the red BP jerseys they’re wearing today, and the black pinstripes and hats aren’t as cool.

Yankees lead series 3-0
I’m just not in the mood. I’ll address it when it’s time.

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