When I think baseball, I think Bon Jovi

MLB and its teams never miss a chance to make a buck, do they?

In the three or four innings of last night’s Giants game that I watched, I saw an ad at least three times that showed clips of Barry Bonds on Opening Day speaking to the home crowd, promising, “I will return this season.” Then the screen fades to black and the words, “He kept his promise,” appear. Another clip or two followed by a few more messages, and then we get to the point: Buy your tickets for the final eight meaningless games at SBC Park today!

As for Major League Baseball, have you looked through the online store lately? In addition to overpriced personalized jerseys and fitted caps (all of which you can usually buy cheaper — and without shipping costs, even for orders under $100 — just about anywhere else) you can now purchase — and preorder! — the new Bon Jovi album. I know the Jersey guy loves his New York Football Giants and owns the Philadelphia Soul arena league team. He also performed live in Times Square for that first Thursday night kickoff four years ago, but if he has a favorite baseball team that he’s ever seen in person or been on the field during batting practice, I’ve never heard of it. (Until now.) I guess Bon-Bon is also keen to any marketing tie-ins he can find.

You can also shop other professional leagues right from the MLB.com shop, which is actually a smart move for all parties involved (especially the NHL).

With all these various marketing ventures, it shouldn’t be long before teams can start lowering ticket prices a little bit! Right?


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