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For Maine, right may be wrong

The All-Star Game selection show on TBS yesterday had the feel of CBS’ annual NCAA basketball tournament selection show. TBS did its best to drag out the blasted thing, revealing the American League starters, then “breaking it down” with Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn, then moving on to the AL pitchers (and breaking it down),

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Keep it simple, stupid

Today’s games should count more than yesterday’s, if you ask me. Oh, there are no major-league games today? My point exactly. Driving into work this morning, a caller and the host made a point on WFAN about the idiocy known as “This One Counts.” (I won’t drop this until Major League Baseball does.) No matter

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Wait til next year

Well, hopefully I’ll get to see the NL break the streak in person in Pittsburgh. If the AL’s going to keep getting home-field advantage in the Series, then I think they should give the NL home-field advantage in the All-Star Game. At least until they win one. After Pittsburgh and San Francisco, give the game

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I knew there was a reason to let Kenny Rogers come to the All-Star Game. About 450 feet worth of reasons. Three batters, an ERA and WHIP of infinity. I notice that Derrek Lee is still in the game too. Now I know Tony La Russa wants to win and Lee is one of the

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Just what the NL needed

Ooh, Johan Santana’s in. The way he’s gone lately, this should help erase a 3-0 deficit. And with that, D-Lee starts off with a double and Edmonds walks. But leave it to a Cub to kill it with a DP. (As for how much this counts for the Cubs, see the Braves comment earlier.)