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Alternate champions

The University of Texas is sending its pre-produced national champions gear to Haiti. This is, of course, a great decision and really a no-brainer (hey, H&M, take a hint, huh?). But when I read this, part of me thought of Haiti as this alternate reality wherein Texas football is the national champs and the Jets

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Hooked ’em

SI’s Stewart Mandel tweeted this photo of Roger Clemens at the national championship game. I didn’t see one of Mindy McCready, though. The Longhorns could give USC a run for the equivalent of the Lakers of college football with all their celebrity fans/alumni.

The Yankees of college baseball

Omar Quintanilla (001) The University of Texas had an alumni baseball game last week, inviting former Longhorns back to campus to play a little ball. But rather than outfitting them in UT uniforms, they have them bring the jerseys of their parent clubs — ostensibly to show off just how cool they are that they

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