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Alternate uniform universe

  I keep gazing at this image in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. What they’ve done is obvious: Some of this offseason’s biggest acquisitions are shown with their new clubs, but in an artist’s rendering because we’ve yet to see any of them in action in their new uniforms. And for three of these, we may

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Braves history, give or take 90 years

Similar to the issue I have with the Newark Bears’ “incorporation” date, I’m a little bit against the patch on the new alternate jerseys the Braves unveiled this week. The Braves, of course, were established in 1876 (when the National League formed) in Boston. They were known as the Red Stockings, Beaneaters, Doves and Rustlers

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Los Angelinos

Brilliant! The Angels announced last week that they will in fact feature their original uniforms as part of their “Flashback Fridays” this season. And, as the release mentions, they will have the halo on the caps.

Stair-way to threadom: The most decorated ballplayer in history

Last week at Uni Watch, a reader speculated that Joe Smith — if that’s his real name — had worn 33 distinct uniforms in his NBA career, which now includes a record-tying 12 franchises for which he’s played. Paul Lukas declared those 33 different styles to be an NBA record and then wondered who might

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Flashbacks about to become more common in southern California

The Angels announced on Friday that they’ll feature “Flashback Fridays” as part of their 50th anniversary this season. To kick it off, they’ll wear reproductions of their 1989-92 uniform (with the 50th anniversary patch added) on April 8, April 22 and May 6. The press release trumpets it as the “late 1980s” design, and while

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