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Casey at the mound

I don’t know if anyone has researched the origin of the television marathon, but the first time I became aware of such a thing was probably the holiday bingeathon of The Twilight Zone. If I remember correctly, it was WPIX in New York that would fill a day’s programming — New Year’s Day, maybe 4th

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Next year’s stamps, all together

Don’t these look beautiful? They’ll be great to have — one sheet to keep, others to use — next summer*. *Assuming the Post Office still exists.

From ND to MLB: Cy Williams

Fred Williams bears the names of two of baseball’s greatest players. The nickname he was known by, Cy — as in “Cyclone” — naturally sparks thoughts of the winningest pitcher in Major League history. And the surname is shared with the self-described “greatest hitter who ever lived,” Ted Williams. But Cy Williams made a name

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Painting the game

After reading this Larry Dierker column about former Red Sox pitcher Frank Sullivan, I came across this piece that recounts the day Sullivan and some teammates — but not all — sat for Norman Rockwell as models for his painting “The Rookie.” That’s Sullivan on the left of the image, the No. 8 visible on

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And we’re back

After a thoroughly enjoyable, active and at the same time relaxing vacation, I’m back at it. It will take me a bit to catch up on some of the stuff I missed, but I did ignore several developments, too. There’s no point in rehashing what’s a week or several days old. But let’s start off

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