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Raines’ road to Cooperstown passed through New Jersey

Tim Raines retired with 807 stolen bases, a .295 career batting average, 1,548 runs, 964 RBIs and 1,290 walks. He played for four teams over 21 seasons and left the game with a strong case for election to the Hall of Fame. If those numbers look a little off to you after two days of

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Looking at 2012 minor league attendance figures

David Kronheim of numbertamer.com has put out his annual analysis of minor league baseball attendance, and it’s got some illuminating tidbits among its 80 pages. You can download the full report at his site, but I scanned through it last night for some of the locally relevant figures. (Note that when I refer to “minor

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A visit to Bridgewater the Patriotic thing to do

Behind the plate in Bridgewater. Pitchers and catchers begin reporting to spring training on Feb. 16, 2005. That’s a little more than nine weeks from now. So starting today, with these 10 Fridays we have between now and then, I’ve decided to post some columns I wrote a few years ago when I was covering

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