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The Rules, according to ESPN

After the Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell wrote a column with 10 improvements baseball could make, I went through each one and gave my thoughts. In its latest issue, ESPN the Magazine looks at 31 new rules for sports in 2010, so I’ll give it the same treatment. Rule: Universal instant replay. Their gist: Because of

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It’s amazing they still call it ‘hardball’

Other than when I posted the All-Star stuff, I suspect this is my first double-entry day since starting this site. I’ll admit I haven’t updated this nearly as much as I would’ve liked, but I hope things change once I learn to organize my time more. And when I get my new computer and Casey

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On whining Yankees and intentional walks

Why does everything have to be a conspiracy for the Yankees? Derek Jeter has his shoulder separated in an accident in Toronto last year, and players — even their upstanding manager Joe Torre — question whether the Blue Jays catcher may have intentionally driven his shoulder into Jeter’s. Ridiculous. Then Jorge Posada accidentally has his

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