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Honus Wagner Day in Clifton, N.J.

  Last weekend, a 100-year-old piece of Clifton history had a moment. Clifton is my adopted hometown. Like Yogi Berra, I’ve settled in northern New Jersey, not too far from New York City. (That Berra came from St. Louis and I came from the Jersey Shore — and he was a bit better at baseball

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Going back in time for a ball game

A couple weeks ago, we traversed the Passaic in the morn to join the bugs and cranks for a base ball match between the Atlantics of Brooklyn and the Gothams of New York held on the grounds in Paterson. T’was a merrie affair played under 1864 rules and featuring great displays of athletic prowess. The

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There used to be a ballpark: Hinchliffe Stadium

Bordering Maple Street, Paterson Here, the ghosts of past indiscretions — others’ indiscretions — still play. Tucked into a corner of Paterson, New Jersey, stands a massive stadium now overgrown with more than just grass and weeds. Trees sprout from the bleachers, shrubs grow on the benches. It should be hard to miss, such a

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